Signs of Spring in Cornwall
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Flowering Blackthorn, active overwintered butterflies and migrant birds such as House Martins and Wheatear have all been recorded in the last few days. And if this wasn’t a sign Spring is here then basking Adders certainly are! For me they … Read More

Coastal walk from Gorran Haven to Dodman Point, Cornwall
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As the sun broke through reptiles emerged to warm up beside the south west coast path. We passed two boldly marked male adders, Vipera berusand, and one Common Lizard, Zootoca vivipara, out in the open soaking up the sun. I … Read More

Adders at Porthcurno Beach
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During a trip to Porthcurno Beach, Cornwall last week the sun actually did come out! In fact it shone for most of the time and to prove it this adder was seen sunning itself beside the coastal path. Despite the … Read More

Adders in Cornwall 2012
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This large male adder was seen basking in the sun beside the boardwalks on the Windmill Farm Nature Reserve on the Lizard peninsular in Cornwall. Compared with April last year, when we seemed to be tripping over them wherever we … Read More

British snakes: Adders
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It’s not just the sunshine of this Indian Summer that makes it feel like spring as Adders, the only venomous snake in the British Isles, are once more out in the open sunbathing. We came across several at Windmill Farm … Read More

Adders in Cornwall
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We’ve met several people recently who have always lived in Cornwall but tell us they haven’t seen an Adder before, until this spring! There do seem to be many Adders around at the moment. This female was basking in the … Read More

What’s that snake curled up on the path?
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Adders seem to be everwhere we go in Cornwall at the moment – see Is this the Most Southerly Snake in Britain? post a little over a week ago. This pair were curled up amongst the heather at Kynance Cove … Read More

Is this the Most Southerly Snake in Britain?
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A Lizard Adder – sounds like a new species! Whilst photographing Brassica Shieldbugs (Eurydema oleracea) on a warm, south-facing bank on the cliffs at the most southerly tip Britain, on The Lizard peninsular in Cornwall, a stunning male Adder moved … Read More