Over wintered Red Admiral butterfly caterpillars and chrysalis
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On the 9th April, 15 over wintered migrant Red Admiral caterpillars were found at a coastal location on the Lizard Peninsular, Cornwall. Although unusual to find the caterpillars of a migrant species at this time of year it wasn’t entirely … Read More

Red Admiral Butterfly egg and chrysalis
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One butterfly that appears to doing well is the stunning Red Admiral Butterfly Despite comparatively low numbers seen earlier in the year the nettle tents containing the caterpillars seem to be quite common now. The Red Admiral Caterpillars are seldom … Read More

What’s the most common migrant butterfly to arrive in the British Isles?
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Last weeks small influx of Red Admirals into the garden was the first sign of butterfly migration we’ve seen this year in the far south west of Cornwall. This species is the most commonly recorded migrant butterfly visiting these shores … Read More

Migrant Butterflies: Red Admiral
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Red Admirals have been seen in good numbers in the south west of Cornwall in recent weeks and six were in the garden yesterday feeding on heather. The weather has been very unsettled of late with wind directions fluctuating wildly … Read More

Migrant butterflies in Cornwall
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The recent fine weather systems pulling warm air up from the continent seem to have brought migrant butterflies into Cornwall. We’ve seen several Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) (above left) and a few Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) (above right) in most … Read More

Red Admiral Butterfly in Falmouth
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A Red Admiral butterfly was on the pavement outside The Packet Quays in Falmouth, soaking up the winter sun. For the latest information on the Red Admiral Butterfly and caterpillar Insight: This common migrant butterfly undertakes a partial re-migration back … Read More

Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) Caterpillar
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See on this link the latest information on Red Admiral Butterfly and caterpillar. Common name: Red Admiral Latin name: Vanessa atalanta Family: Nymphalids (Nymphalidae >> Nymphalinae) Type: Butterfly larva or caterpillar This photo Location: Marsland valley, Cornwall and Devon county … Read More

Red Admiral Butterfly (Vanessa atalanta)
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For latest information on The Red Admiral Butterfly and caterpillar Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta). Click on the link to see the British Butterflies gallery. Related images: