Jersey Tiger Moth caterpillar

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Over wintered half grown Jersey Tiger Moth caterpillar
Overwintered Jersey Tiger Moth caterpillar.

This Jersey Tiger moth caterpillar was a welcome surprise.

Not only had it survived the winter as a tiny, 3 mm long caterpillar but it was already 25 mm long and half grown by the time I found it.

A small batch of eggs had been laid by one of several migrant Jersey Tigers attracted to light last summer. Having hatched they’d been placed on some dandelion and plantain growing in a netted pot in the garden to overwinter.

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Migrant Jersey Tiger Moth yellow form lutescens, attracted to light in Cornwall, UK.
Migrant Jersey Tiger Moth attracted to light in Cornwall, UK.

The outcome of rearing caterpillars of even common resident species that overwinter can be unpredictable. This was particularly pleasing as it was a migrant that had survived a Cornish winter, which hopefully means others will have and Jersey Tigers will soon become established in this part of Cornwall.

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