Cornish Heath
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These pink flowers on bright green foliage are abundant on the heaths above Kynance Cove on The Lizard peninsula at the moment. Three other members of the heath family were flowering alongside the Cornish Heath. They were Bell Heather (Erica … Read More

Broad-leaved Everlasting-pea
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A spectacular display of bright pink Broad-leaved Everlasting-pea was seen scrambling over a hedge on the roadside at the far end of The Lizard peninsula in Cornwall. Insight into Broad-leaved Everlasting-pea (Lathyrus latifolius): an escapee, it’s found on roadsides, railway … Read More

Cornwall Butterfly
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Our first Grayling of the year (above left) was seen during our eventful trip to Kynance Cove on The Lizard (see Cornwall Moths post). Typically it was sitting with wings closed on the ground, cryptically blending in with its surroundings … Read More

Cornwall Moths
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This plume moth was photographed yesterday on a cliff ledge at Kynance Cove on The Lizard in Cornwall. There seems a strong possibility that it may have been the rare migant Oxyptilus laetus. However, because of its similarities with other … Read More

Very rare plant Fringed Rupturewort on The Lizard
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Fringed Rupturewort is one of a number of rare plants to be found on The Lizard in Cornwall. So far we’ve recorded it at Lizard Point and Kynance Cove. It’s not a great showy flower so it’s a little underwhelming … Read More

Orchard Ermine moths emerge from silk web pupae
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Moths have started to emerge from the pupae collected on the silk webs last week at Poldhu Cove on The Lizard – see post. As expected, they are a species of Ermine moth. Although not 100% certain, all the evidence … Read More

Blue Damselflies in Cornwall
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Common Blue and Azure damselflies have been flying in numbers at various sites we’ve visited in Cornwall over the last few weeks. The first records were in April but numbers have built up gradually. Now the British summer seems to … Read More

Silk webs on Blackthorn
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The moth caterpillars responsible for spinning these extensive silk webs coating Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) at Poldhu Cove on The Lizard peninsular in Cornwall at the weekend, had already pupated (shown left). It seems likely they were Orchard Ermine but to … Read More

Bloody Crane’s-bill at Kynance Cove in Cornwall
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A mass of these beautiful purple flowers were on the slopes above Kynance Cove on The Lizard peninsula at the weekend. Insight into Bloody Crane’s-bill (Geranium sanguineum): a native usually found in north and west Britain, it is also found … Read More

Cornwall migrant moths – Hummingbird Hawk-moth
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Two Hummingbird Hawk-moths were seen nectaring on Red Valerian (Centranthus ruber) at Poldhu Cove on The Lizard peninsular on Saturday (one shown above left). So far this year there haven’t been many to report but in the last few days … Read More

Rabbits by National Trust car park at Lizard Point
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Feeding on crops in a field beside the National Trust car park, this pale rabbit stood out. At first glance it looked more the colour of a domesticated rabbit when compared to the normal much darker rabbits around it. Still … Read More

Thyme Broomrape on The Lizard
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It was good to find this plant last weekend on The Lizard even though it’s not a great beauty. In fact Thyme Broomrape is at its best around now (above left), before long it will have turned brown and dry, … Read More

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