Rock Dove or feral pigeon?
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These pigeons, seen on Lizard Point in Cornwall last weekend, showed many of the identifying features of the true wild Rock Dove (Columba livia) that are now restricted to only a few locations in Scotland and Northern Ireland. In comparison … Read More

British seabirds: Kittiwake
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This Kittiwake was seen on the cliffs of Lizard Point, Cornwall and seemed strangely subdued. A first winter bird with summer plummage breaking through, it appeared tired and reluctant to fly despite being close to the many walkers and their … Read More

Adders in Cornwall 2012
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This large male adder was seen basking in the sun beside the boardwalks on the Windmill Farm Nature Reserve on the Lizard peninsular in Cornwall. Compared with April last year, when we seemed to be tripping over them wherever we … Read More

Moth Caterpillars: Mullein Wave
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This Mullein Wave moth caterpillar was found on bare soil beside the South West Coast Path on the Lizard at the weekend. Looking like a tiny brown twig hanging from the side of an eroded bank we only noticed it … Read More

Pink-sorrel at Lizard Point
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Many of the spring flowers on the coast of the far south of Cornwall are yellow (Lesser Celandine), white (Sea Campion and Three-cornered Garlic) or blue (Spring Squill) at the moment so this shocking pink flower really stood out on … Read More

British ladybirds: 10-spot Ladybird
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This ladybird settled high on my arm as I was standing in the National Trust car park at Lizard Point. This made photography even harder than usual especially as we were actually looking for a Hoopoe and the camera had … Read More

Migrant birds: Northern Wheatear
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Northern Wheatear have been arriving in increasing numbers in recent days and this was one of three seen on the clifftops at Lizard Point. This bird did not have the very smart adult spring plummage expected of early arriving males … Read More

Vulnerable gentian on The Lizard
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Walking across the heath above Kynance Cove on The Lizard in Cornwall last weekend it was obvious that autumn is here. The Cornish Heath (Erica vagans) was no longer colouring the landscape pink, as it has since July, and patches … Read More

British snakes: Adders
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It’s not just the sunshine of this Indian Summer that makes it feel like spring as Adders, the only venomous snake in the British Isles, are once more out in the open sunbathing. We came across several at Windmill Farm … Read More

Wild flowers near Kynance Cove: Slender Bird’s-foot-trefoil
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A small number of Slender Bird’s-foot-trefoil plants were flowering at the base of a large rock alongside the high tide path from the National Trust car park to Kynance Cove at the end of July. Insight into Slender Bird’s-foot-trefoil (Lotus … Read More

Great Burnet near Kynance Cove in Cornwall
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These tall, red flowers were on the heath above Kynance Cove on The Lizard peninsula in Cornwall. Insight into Great Burnet (Sanguisorba officinalis): native in the British Isles, this perennial flowers from June to September. It is a member of … Read More

What’s that metallic green beetle?
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This large British beetle is called a Rose Chafer. It was sitting in the Heather or Ling (Calluna vulgaris) on the slopes above Kynance Cove in bright sunshine making it look very green and metallic. Insight into Rose Chafer (Cetonia … Read More

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