Migrant Hummingbird Hawk-moths arrive in the UK
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In the last few days the first main influx of Hummingbird Hawk-moths of the year have arrived in the British Isles. These migrant moths are always a delight to watch as they hover at flowers like tiny hummingbirds. A delight, … Read More

Red-backed Shrike (Lanius collurio)
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This first winter bird has been present on the path leading down to Housel Bay on the Lizard in Cornwall for the last couple of weeks. In typical Red-backed Shrike behaviour it has been perching on the top of hedges … Read More

Oak Eggar moths
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See updated Oak Eggar species page Male Oak Eggar moths are commonly seen flying during the daylight in search of resting females at this time of year in many parts of the UK. Here, along the coastline of South West … Read More

Small Skipper British butterflies
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This male and female Small Skipper butterfly were seen copulating on Bramble at Windmill Farm Nature Reserve, on the Lizard in Cornwall during the BioBlitz at the end of July. From the underside both sexes look very similar but when … Read More

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly numbers
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Small Tortoiseshell butterfly numbers are still on the decline. I always look forward to receiving “Butterfly“, the magazine of Butterfly Conservation, but I have to admit that I often finish the read feeling a little bit depressed. Despite all the … Read More

Migrant moths in Cornwall: Bordered Straw
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This migrant moth was unusually seen during the daytime whilst photographing Ermine nests on the cliffs over looking Poldhu Cove on The Lizard before the storms moved in last week. Numbers of migrant Painted Lady and Red Admiral butterflies were … Read More

Tigers in Cornwall
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Cream-spot Tiger is the tiger moth species most frequently seen by walkers on the South West Coast Path of Cornwall between May and June. Our first of the year was at Poldhu Cove on the Lizard a couple of weeks … Read More

Painted Lady butterfly migration to the British Isles
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The first small wave of Painted Lady butterflies we have seen this year arriving in off the sea from the continent greeted us on the cliffs at Poldhu Cove on the Lizard on Bank Holiday Monday. Most were showing wear … Read More

Very rare plant at Kynance Cove in Cornwall: Hairy Greenweed
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Hairy Greenweed is a very rare plant, only found in west Cornwall and Wales, so it was a bit of a surprise to find so much of it on the slopes above Kynance Cove on The Lizard peninsula in Cornwall. … Read More

What type of lizards are most common in Cornwall?
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The Common Lizard, like this one seen at Windmill Farm on the appropriately named Lizard Peninsular last week, are the only lizards likely to be seen in Cornwall. However, we bumped into a chap the other day who said he’d … Read More

What’s that metallic green beetle with fat legs?
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Insight into Thick-legged flower beetle (Oedemera nobilis): a common beetle that can be identified by its dazzling colour and gap in the elytra (wing case). This gap in the elytra is not always so obvious but generally gives the appearance … Read More

Spring Sandwort at Kynance Cove on the Lizard peninsula
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You just know when you visit the Lizard peninsula that you will find a wild flower that is beautiful or special and often both. This cushion of Spring Sandwort is undeniably beautiful with its flowers of 5 white petals on … Read More

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