Falmouth Bay birds: Shags and Cormorants
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The last few mornings have seen large flocks of Shags and Cormorants feeding at first light on shoals of fish close to the shore. In excess of 500 were seen following the fish shoals in a westerly direction across the … Read More

British birds: Cormorant eating Eel in Falmouth Harbour
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These pictures tell the story of a titanic struggle that took place in Falmouth harbour between a Cormorant and an Eel. After several minutes the Cormorant managed to swallow its slimmy adversary but only by straightening its neck to enable … Read More

Cormorants Drying at Newlyn Fishing Harbour in Cornwall
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One adult Cormorant showing off a fine white thigh patch and another wishing he hadn’t got too close to a trout fisherman! Insight: A very common bird both on freshwater and around the coast of the British Isles. The adult … Read More