Robber fly: Dysmachus trigonus
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Dysmachus trigonus is one of 27 species in the British list of the Asilidae family of Robber Flies. This one was spotted almost by accident when it jumped on the moth Opsibotys fuscalis I was about to photograph last weekend … Read More

Silver-studded Blue butterfly in Cornwall
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A very fresh male Silver-studded Blue was flying amongst the Common Blue and Brown Argus butterflies at Glanville’s (Pennans) Field near Penhale Dunes on the 1st of June. This stunning butterfly stood out boldly from the already fast fading other … Read More

British grasshoppers – Mottled Grasshopper
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Several Mottled Grasshoppers have been seen in recent weeks while visiting Cornwall’s north coast sand dune systems in search of rarer species such as Stripe-winged Grasshopper (Stenobothrus lineatus). Insight into Mottled Grasshopper (Myrmeleotettix maculatus): common throughout most of the UK … Read More

British wild flowers: Tall, woolly spikes of yellow Great Mullein
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These tall, spikes of yellow flowers are popping up on sand dunes on the north coast and in hedgerows and on rough grassland on the south coast of Cornwall this month. We even had them on the mound of sand … Read More

British butterflies: Siver-studded Blue
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Silver-studded Blues appear to have a had a very good year at Penhale sands on the North Cornish coast in 2011. Following good counts of caterpillars reported in our searching for butterfly caterpillars post in early May we have in … Read More

British caterpillars in Cornwall: The Mullein
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These very distinctive yellow, black and white caterpillars are now almost fully grown and easily spotted on their foodplants such as Great Mullein. This one was found in the Penhale sand dunes on the north Cornish coast and, despite being … Read More

British caterpillars – The Cinnabar
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Orange and black striped caterpillars of The Cinnabar moth are common at Penhale Dunes on the north Cornwall coast at the moment. Some Common Ragwort plants held over fifty of these boldly coloured larvae and many plants had already been … Read More

Cornwall Butterflies – Dark Green Fritillaries
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Lots of these fritillaries were flying in the bright sunshine yesterday at Penhale on the North Cornish coast. As seems often the case they were continually on the move, only fleetingly settling but not long enough to stand any chance … Read More

Bogbean at Perranporth
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This distinctive plant was found in the margins of the pond at Glanville’s (Pennans) Field, Penhale near Perranporth. It was one of those plants that although we’d never seen it before we knew exactly what it was. It’s nice when … Read More

Birds in Cornwall – Linnets
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Linnets seem to have benefited from the fine spring weather with parents busy feeding fledged youngsters a common sight in south west Cornwall at the moment. This male and female Linnet were photographed feeding young on the edge of Penhale … Read More

Silver Hook moths in Cornwall
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Several Silver Hook were disturbed from sedges during a walk through marshy areas of Penhale Sands, on the north Cornwall coast. It’s a species easily put up during the day and it doesn’t fly far before landing again on a … Read More

Southern Marsh-orchid at Penhale Dunes
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It’s always a bit special to see orchids, even if they’re numerous and fairly widespread throughout the British Isles. This Southern Marsh-orchid was one of many in a dune slack at Penhale Dunes on the north Cornwall coast earlier this … Read More

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