Cornwall birds – Herring Gull catching a Mackerel in Falmouth Harbour
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Herring Gulls have been attracted to shoals of Mackerel (Scomber scombrus) feeding on whitebait in Falmouth harbour in recent weeks. The gulls normally sit on the water in the midst of the feeding frenzy picking off any whitebait forced on … Read More

British birds: Cormorant eating Eel in Falmouth Harbour
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These pictures tell the story of a titanic struggle that took place in Falmouth harbour between a Cormorant and an Eel. After several minutes the Cormorant managed to swallow its slimmy adversary but only by straightening its neck to enable … Read More

Cornwall birds: juvenile Herring Gull in Falmouth harbour
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Some people will be relieved to see the juvenile Herring Gulls fledged, happy in the knowledge that it won’t be long before the protective parents will stop their dive-bombing attacks. This young Herring Gull, still showing some downy fluff around … Read More

British diving ducks: Eider in eclipse
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This male Eider duck was in the middlle of Carrick Roads, the deep water channel of the Fal Estuary. Small flocks are sometimes seen in the estuary in the winter (see our Eider in Falmouth Harbour post in March) but … Read More

British shieldbugs: Green Shieldbug
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The early instar larvae of Green Shieldbugs were out in force in a hedge alongside the South West Coast Path in Falmouth yesterday. Insight into Green Shieldbug (Palomena prasina): found in a wide range of habitats throughout most of the … Read More

British crickets: Speckled Bush-cricket
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This female Speckled Bush-cricket was found during a search for a Stick Insect in a friend’s garden in Falmouth, Cornwall. The cricket’s oviposter is not yet fully developed showing she has still not reached maturity. Our search had been inspired … Read More

Bottlenose Dolphin in Falmouth Bay
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Heading south across Falmouth Bay for The Manacles about twenty Bottlenose Dolphin passed by the boat heading north in the direction of Falmouth. The pod seemed to be made up of a range of ages including one or two very … Read More

Bullfinch at Pendennis Castle, Falmouth
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Male Bullfinch must be one of our most colouful birds. Disappointingly, as so often is the case, the females are not so stunningly attractive! Insight into Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula): still widespread throughout most of the UK, their numbers have declined … Read More

Mallard Ducklings in Falmouth
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There were 16 ducklings on the water with a female Mallard back in April. Yesterday another family appeared, this time with 13 young. They were very obedient and immediately gathered around the female duck when she called. Insight into Mallard … Read More

Common Tern in Falmouth Harbour
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This Common Tern was feeding in Falmouth harbour, Cornwall at the beginning of the week. This is our first sighting of one in the harbour this year and we guess it was forced into the sheltered waters following Sunday’s strong … Read More

Mullet in Falmouth harbour
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As the water warms, shoals of Mullet are showing in increasing numbers in the estuaries and harbours around the Cornish coast. This fish was one of severel seen feeding on algae in shallow water in Falmouth harbour yesterday. Insight into … Read More

Cornwall seabirds: Razorbill
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Razorbills have been busy feeding on Sandeels and other small fish in Falmouth Bay in the last few days. This Razorbill appeared when we were scanning the oily calm waters for Basking Shark (Cetorhinus maximus) which disappointingly proved illusive once … Read More

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