Water-pepper at Argal Reservoir near Falmouth
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The water is low at Argal Reservoir near Falmouth at the moment. The margins are covered in Water-pepper, a rather unspectacular plant with small, pale pink flowers in long, slender, nodding inflorescence. Insight into Water-pepper (Persicaria hydropiper): native and common … Read More

Small Tortoiseshell butterflies feeding on heathers
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Click on the link below to see a short video of Small Tortoiseshell butterflies feeding on heathers in the sunshine in the garden yesterday. There were up to four of these beautiful butterflies at any time, all feeding furiously on … Read More

British wading birds: Dunlin
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This juvenile/first winter Dunlin was resting amongst the Ringed Plover on the foreshore south of Gyllyngvase Beach in Falmouth, Cornwall. Much of the time it kept its bill tucked under a wing as if asleep but a closer look showed … Read More

Spindle berries
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This Spindle was found between Pendennis Point and Castle beach in Falmouth. There was plenty of the eye-catching pink fruit but none had split to reveal the orange seeds inside. Insight into Spindle (Euonymus europaeus): native, it is widespread in … Read More

British wading birds: Ringed Plover
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Twelve juvenile Ringed Plover were resting at high water on rocks south of Gyllyngvase beach in Falmouth, Cornwall yesterday. The late summer/autumnal passage seems to be well underway with many wader species migrating south to their winter quarters either abroad … Read More

Daytime flying British moths: Pyrausta aurata
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Before the weather changed for the worse this colourful micro moth, Pyrausta aurata, (above left) was recorded flying in the sunshine visiting flowers in our Falmouth garden. To be sure that it wasn’t the very similar and often more common … Read More

Migrant Moths: Portland Ribbon Wave
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The garden moth trap in Falmouth, Cornwall attracted four Portland Ribbon Waves on the night of the 1st September. The large number recorded suggest that these moths may not have been migrants helped northwards across the English Channel by south … Read More

British Stick-insects
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Both a green and brown form of the Unarmed Stick-insect were found in our Cornish garden a couple of days ago. Having just moved into our house in Falmouth we had hoped we would have these insects in our garden … Read More

Cornwall Butterflies: Holly Blue
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The second generation of Holly Blues are still flying in good numbers here in Falmouth. This pair was seen on a hedge bordering our garden and we will be keeping a close eye out during the next few weeks for … Read More

British day-flying moths in Cornwall: Oak Eggar
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See updated Oak Eggar species page We watched a male Oak Eggar flying frantically around the garden yesterday following the pheromone scent trail given off by a female hidden away in an ivy-clad shrub. As with other male Oak Eggars … Read More

Migrant butterflies: Painted Lady in Falmouth garden
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Numbers of migrant butterflies appear to be generally low for this time of year in Cornwall. This Painted Lady came to our garden last week and was in pretty good condition.

A great flying display over Falmouth Harbour
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One of the greatest flying displays you are ever likely to witness in UK skies. What a fabulous sight this Herring Gull made flying low over Falmouth harbour yesterday!

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