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Spotlight species
Yellow Bartsia: this wild flower is nationally rare.
Common Blue butterfly: the sighting of a single female on Birds-foot trefoil suggests there may be a resident population.
Common Spotted-orchid:
The surrounding trees and scrub provide excellent foraging for many woodland birds. In the more open areas of the site the seed heads of plants such as Common Knapweed and Spear Thistle attract various species including Goldfinch. Snipe have also been seen feeding in the boggy areas.
The culm grassland is bordered on 3 sides by deciduous trees creating a varied mixed habitat. Within the site are species including Hazel, Grey Willow, Blackthorn and Hawthorn.
Wild flowers
The culm grassland is bordered on 3 sides by deciduous trees creating a varied mixed habitat. Initial surveys have recorded over 90 species. With sensitive management further surveys are likely to identify more species.
No detailed year-round monitoring of butterflies has so far taken place. Red Admiral, Speckled Wood and Common Blue have been seen and it is hoped that the Marsh Fritillary which is found on other culm grasslands nearby will colonise Meddon.
Limited recording has taken place but the site offers great potential to sustain a healthy and diverse population of moths.

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With further survey work it is expected that the presence of Dormice will be confirmed. Other mammals such as Stoat and Roe Deer can sometimes be seen.
Initial surveys suggest the two ponds support a number of dragonfly and damselfly species. Management plans to address the problem of the ponds becoming overgrown by willows and silting up with leaves.
Site information
Meddon Green LNR
  • Meddon Green Local Nature Reserve (“LNR”) is a 1.7 Hectare (4.2 acres) culm grassland site owned by the Hartland Parish Council and managed with the help of local residents and North Devon AONB and Biosphere Service. Culm grasslands consist of wet, acidic, unimproved grassland and are recognised by the Devon Biodiversity Action Plan (“BAP”) as a UK priority habitat. Meddon Green is Devon’s first culm grassland LNR. Only limited survey work has so far been carried out on this site but with evidence of Dormouse and rare plant species such as Yellow Bartsia already being recorded hopes are high of it becoming an important Nature Reserve. It is expected that management plans to introduce grazing animals and to clear scrub will prove successful in providing suitable habitat for a rich diversity of species.
  • Parking: limited parking on roadside
  • Facilities: the nearest facilities are in the village of Meddon
  • GPS: 50.933957,-4.453347
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Tom Hynes, Countryside Officer
North Devon AONB and Biosphere Service
Tel: 01271 388534
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