This large moth family has many thousands of different species worldwide. Some of North America’s most common caterpillar species including Owlets, Daggers, Cutworms, Armyworms, Loopers and Foresters belong to the Noctuidae family.

The colour, size, amount of hairs (setae), number of legs, foodplants and life cycle of many noctuid caterpillars varies according to species. The noctuidae family has been divided into several much smaller sub families to include those species that share common characteristics.

Following reclassification a sub family Erebidae, including the Arctiidae and Lymantriidae families, will become part of the Noctuidae family.

Dagger moth caterpillars

Prominents – Notodontidae

Armyworms, Cutworms and Loopers

Amongst these other noctuid caterpillars are some considered pests to crops such as the Armyworms, Cutworms and Loopers.

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Hairy caterpillars of North America

Stinging caterpillars of North America

Loopers, Inchworms and Spanworms of North America

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