Hairstreak Butterflies of the Lycaenidae family in Europe

Hairstreak butterflies are part of the large Lycaenidae butterfly family. In Europe it is thought there are twelve different species, some having regional forms.

A feature of many Hairstreak butterflies is their reluctance to settle with open wings. Yet, despite this, the undersides are usually distinctive. The Purple Hairstreak is unusual in that the butterflies will descend from tree tops to bask in the sun with wings open.

The gallery contains many of the commoner species found throughout Europe and include Paul Browning’s excellent Spanish butterfly photographs.

Brown Hairstreak butterfly (Thecla betulae)

Purple Hairstreak butterfly (Quercusia quercus)

Spanish Purple Hairstreak butterfly (Laeosopis roboris)

Sloe Hairstreak butterfly (Satyrium acaciae)

Ilex Hairstreak butterfly (Satyrium ilicis)

False Ilex Hairstreak butterfly (Satyrium esculi)

Blue-spot-Hairstreak butterfly (Satyrium spini)

White-letter Hairstreak butterfly (Satyrium w-album)

Provence Hairstreak butterfly (Tomares ballus)

Green Hairstreak butterfly (Callophrys rubi)

Chapman’s Green Hairstreak butterfly (Callophyrs avis)

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