Copper Butterflies of the Lycaenidae family in Europe

The number of different Copper butterfly species of the Lycaenidae family in Europe is small, thought not to exceed twelve. Some have regional forms. While others are extremely localised with contracting ranges. The most widespread is the Small Copper which may be found throughout Europe.

The ‘copper’ butterfly photographs featured include some taken by Paul Browning on his trips to Spain.

Small Copper butterfly (Lycaena phlaeas)

Scarce Copper butterfly (ELycaena virgaureae)

Sooty Copper butterfly (Lycaena tityrus)

Iberian Sooty Copper butterfly (Lycaena bleusei)

Purple-shot Copper (Lycaena alciphron)

Purpled-edged Copper butterfly (Lycaena hippothoe)

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