What’s that snake curled up on the path?
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Adders seem to be everwhere we go in Cornwall at the moment – see Is this the Most Southerly Snake in Britain? post a little over a week ago. This pair were curled up amongst the heather at Kynance Cove … Read More

Is this the Most Southerly Snake in Britain?
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A Lizard Adder – sounds like a new species! Whilst photographing Brassica Shieldbugs (Eurydema oleracea) on a warm, south-facing bank on the cliffs at the most southerly tip Britain, on The Lizard peninsular in Cornwall, a stunning male Adder moved … Read More

Lizard Lizard
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Our first lizard on The Lizard was this Slow Worm warming up on the South West Coast Path near Kennack Sands. Insight: Although often thought to be a snake, the Slow Worm (Anguis fragilis) is in fact a legless lizard. … Read More

Signs of Spring: Frogspawn at College Reservoir near Falmouth
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The first Frogspawn we’ve seen this year was at College Reservoir, Falmouth, Cornwall. Insight: Clumps of Frogspawn may contain as many as 2,000 eggs. However, very few of the emerging tadpoles will survive to become adult frogs. Disease, drought, predation … Read More

Common Lizard or Viviparous Lizard (Zootoca vivipara)
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Common name: Common Lizard or Viviparous Lizard Latin name: Zootoca vivipara (formerly Lacerta vivipara) Family: Lizards (Sauria) This photo: Sandymouth, Cornwall

Grass Snake (Natrix natrix)
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Common name: Grass Snake Latin name: Natrix natrix Family: Colubrid (Colubridae) Date: 15 June Location: garden, Marsland valley, Cornwall

Slow Worm (Anguis fragilis)
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Slow Worm (Anguis fragilis).

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