Early-flying British moths
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Dotted Border, Spring Usher, Early Moth and March Moth are just four of the early flying moth species its possible to record in February. Insight into British moths: See over 1,000 images of British moths in the British moths gallery … Read More

Winter Moth and caterpillar
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Well, at least it’s something seasonal. Having reported on butterflies, bees, warblers and unseasonal flowers in recent days Winter Moths attracted to the lounge window last night were a reminder that it is, after all, still only January! Winter Moths … Read More

Migrant moths in Cornwall: The Delicate
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The extremely volatile weather systems have continued with some very strong warm southerly winds coming up from the continent. These winds have continued to bring with them migrant moth species although not in the numbers experienced at the start of … Read More

Migrant moths arriving in Cornwall
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Warm air flows rising up from Europe and Africa have brought many migrant moths to Cornwall in the last few days. Ten different migrant species of all shapes, sizes and colours have been attracted to the garden moth trap here … Read More

Cornwall garden moths: Black-banded
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In most other parts of the country attracting a Black-banded, above left, to a garden light would be a big surprise but here in the extreme South West and close to sea cliffs it is a species to be expected … Read More

Grass moths: Agriphila geniculea
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Several Agriphila geniculea have been attracted to light recently. They are part of a family of micro moths often called ‘Grass Moths’ because of their presence in long grass where they align themselves with the stem and are often only … Read More

Daytime flying British moths: Pyrausta aurata
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Before the weather changed for the worse this colourful micro moth, Pyrausta aurata, (above left) was recorded flying in the sunshine visiting flowers in our Falmouth garden. To be sure that it wasn’t the very similar and often more common … Read More

Migrant Moths: Portland Ribbon Wave
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The garden moth trap in Falmouth, Cornwall attracted four Portland Ribbon Waves on the night of the 1st September. The large number recorded suggest that these moths may not have been migrants helped northwards across the English Channel by south … Read More

British moths: Marbled Green
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While nothing very exciting has turned up in the moth traps in recent days there always seems something to be admired such as this Marbled Green. With such a diversity of intricate patterns and subtle colour shades moths never cease … Read More

British day-flying moths in Cornwall: Oak Eggar
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See updated Oak Eggar species page We watched a male Oak Eggar flying frantically around the garden yesterday following the pheromone scent trail given off by a female hidden away in an ivy-clad shrub. As with other male Oak Eggars … Read More

Daytime moths in Cornwall: Six-belted Clearwing
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This Six-belted Clearwing was seen on the heath above Kynance Cove on The Lizard at the end of July. Our usual method of recording this species is to attract it to pheromones placed amongst Common Bird’s-foot-trefoil and Kidney Vetch (Anthyllis … Read More

Cornish moths – Bee Moth
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This female Bee Moth (shown left) was attracted to an Actinic light on the edge of Falmouth harbour. Insight into Bee Moth (Aphomia sociella): fairly well distributed throughout the UK, it flies beween June and August. The sexes are dimorphic … Read More

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