Several new moth species found during Windmill Farm Nature Reserve BioBlitz
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When a combination of knowledgeable enthusiasts with a diverse range of wildlife interests and the general public gather to explore a site to learn more about its biodiversity it invariably produces some interesting and not previously recorded species. During last … Read More

British Clearwing Moths
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It’s not everyday that two species of clearwings are recorded in a single day without the use of pheromones. Whilst photographing cliff top plants beside the South West Coast Path at Portscatho, on the Roseland Peninsular in Cornwall, my wife … Read More

Buff-tip moth identification guide
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How can a species that is so difficult to see in its natural habitat also be one of the most recognisable species of British moth? Amongst over 2,600 different moth species of all shapes, sizes, colours and designs there is … Read More

Different colour forms of British moths
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Dark Arches is normally an easily recognisable British moth but it does have other less common forms. Those of us interested in identifying lepidoptera soon learn to pick out the common Dark Arches quickly from amongst maybe as many as … Read More

Moth Night results 2012
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Migrants save the day. This years events, involving both daytime recording and night time trapping at brown field sites, are likely to have been severely hampered by the wet and windy weather sweeping most of the country. Certainly the weather … Read More

Wildlife Recording Events: Moth Night
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Moth Night, formerly known as National Moth Night, will take place on 21 – 23 June 2012. The theme will be the moths of brownfield habitats (such as old quarries, disused railway lines, reclaimed coal tips, gravel and clay workings, … Read More

Migrant moths in Cornwall: Bordered Straw
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This migrant moth was unusually seen during the daytime whilst photographing Ermine nests on the cliffs over looking Poldhu Cove on The Lizard before the storms moved in last week. Numbers of migrant Painted Lady and Red Admiral butterflies were … Read More

Tigers in Cornwall
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Cream-spot Tiger is the tiger moth species most frequently seen by walkers on the South West Coast Path of Cornwall between May and June. Our first of the year was at Poldhu Cove on the Lizard a couple of weeks … Read More

British leaf mining moths: Azalea Leaf Miner
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One of the most common leaf miners in our garden is the Azalea Leaf Miner which isn’t surprising as we live in the far south west of Cornwall where many nearby public gardens hold some of the countries finest collections … Read More

Common British migrant moths in Cornwall: Diamond-back Moth
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Two Diamond-back Moths, one of the most common migrant moths to visit the UK, were disturbed while weeding the garden yesterday. The zig-zag dark pattern on their backs, after which they derive their English name, were fairly well defined although … Read More

Rare British moth: Jersey Mocha
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Jersey Mocha may be a very rare British moth but one of the joys of moth trapping is that you never know what will turn up. This Jersey Mocha is admitedly not going to win any awards for beauty but … Read More

When is a moth a day-flying moth?
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“When a species flies during the day” seems the obvious answer. However, although there are moths that fly and feed exclusively during the day, there are also many species that are easily disturbed during the day causing them to fly. … Read More

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