Esperia sulphurella is a tiny moth with long antennae
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The tiny moth Esperia sulphurella can easily be overlooked or dismissed as a tiny brown moth. With a wingspan of as little as 12mm and an overall brownish colouring this is understandable. However, on taking a closer look, or better … Read More

Magpie Moth Caterpillar on silk thread
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This Magpie Moth caterpillar abseiled down a silk thread as I was planting a Clematis in the garden. Not only is it one of the most distinctive caterpillars of the large Geometridae family of moths but it is also easily … Read More

Emperor Moths over heather at Kennack sands
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Several male Emperor Moths were active during the day at Kennack Sands, on the Lizard. They were flying quickly over the tops of heather searching out the nocturnal females hidden in the vegetation. It always sounds a little odd to … Read More

Hairy caterpillar crossing road
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This Cream-spot Tiger moth caterpillar was about to be run over by cars on the busy St Ives to Lands End coastal road. Having stopped the traffic to rescue it from impending disaster I placed it in a pot with … Read More

Emerging Angle Shades moth (Phlogophora meticulosa)
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This Angle Shades moth emerged from its pupa on the 11th April. The caterpillar was found in the garden on March 8th and brought inside to rear through. Despite being an easily reared species and one that is both common … Read More

Cornwall Lepidoptera Breeding Group
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An exciting new Cornwall butterfly and moth breeding group has been set up. The main aims of the group are to establish a centre where the methods of breeding native Cornish species of lepidoptera can be learnt and then passed … Read More

Australian moths
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Images of two species of hawk moth and a fascinating “white banded” moth arrived last week from friends in Australia’s Northern Territory. I have no doubt this is just a small sample of the amazing moth species attracted to their … Read More

The Vapourer Moth
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October is often a great time for rare birds in Cornwall but they’re not the only creatures of interest flying. During recent birding trips in the Cornish coastal valley migrant hot spots several male Vapourer moths were seen flying in … Read More

Black Rustic moths
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For many British moth enthusiasts the appearance of Black Rustics at light traps in the autumn is a depressing sign that the summer has gone and winter is on its way. The huge moth catches at the height of summer … Read More

Portland Ribbon Wave
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The 2012 records of this scarce migrant moth to the British Isles seem to confirm that it is resident in Cornwall. The highlight of our first full years recording moths at a site in Falmouth may have been Cornwall’s first … Read More

British migrant moth Cydia amplana
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The south coast of Britain experienced an unprecedented influx of the migrant Tortrix moth Cydia amplana during the first half of August 2012. With favourable weather systems sucking up warm air off the continent many thousands, probably millions, of this … Read More

Oak Eggar moths
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See updated Oak Eggar species page Male Oak Eggar moths are commonly seen flying during the daylight in search of resting females at this time of year in many parts of the UK. Here, along the coastline of South West … Read More

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