Oak Eggar moth caterpillars
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A trip to Porthgwarra, a top sea-watching site on the extreme south west coast of Cornwall near Land’s End produced nothing noteworthy save two moth caterpillars! Only common seabirds were recorded and on the surrounding cliffs two Chough, a Black … Read More

Convolvulus Hawk-moth caterpillar identification
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Amongst last week’s batch of caterpillar queries was a real surprise. Peter Harvey of Bognor Regis sent this photo taken in his garden of a large caterpillar. At this time of year large caterpillar queries received are usually identified as … Read More

Moth Caterpillars: Mullein Wave
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This Mullein Wave moth caterpillar was found on bare soil beside the South West Coast Path on the Lizard at the weekend. Looking like a tiny brown twig hanging from the side of an eroded bank we only noticed it … Read More

British moth pupae
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Even digging the garden has its moments! Two golden pupae were uncovered in the flower beds and they will be kept to see what species of moth emerges. Insight into Moth pupa: Many species of British moths have larvae that … Read More

British caterpillars: Buff Ermine
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This caterpillar was racing across the paving in our garden in Falmouth at the weekend. It’s not always easy to identify caterpillars but this has some distinctive markings and was in very good light which helps, even though it was … Read More

British caterpillars in Cornwall: The Mullein
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These very distinctive yellow, black and white caterpillars are now almost fully grown and easily spotted on their foodplants such as Great Mullein. This one was found in the Penhale sand dunes on the north Cornish coast and, despite being … Read More

British caterpillars – The Cinnabar
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Orange and black striped caterpillars of The Cinnabar moth are common at Penhale Dunes on the north Cornwall coast at the moment. Some Common Ragwort plants held over fifty of these boldly coloured larvae and many plants had already been … Read More

Painted Lady caterpillars
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These are considered British caterpillars despite the adult butterfly being a migrant that cannot survive UK winters. The small numbers of Painted Lady butterflies seen earlier this year will have laid eggs and the hatched caterpillars should now be large … Read More

Common Footman caterpillar near the Helford River
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The Common Footman caterpillar is, thankfully, one of the easier species of British caterpillars to identify. There are over 2,500 British moths species and some larvae have to be reared through to the adult moth stage to be sure of … Read More

What’s this caterpillar on the South West Coast Path?
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Oak Eggar (Lasiocampa quercus) Fox Moth (Macrothylacia rubi) This is a question holidaymakers in Cornwall often stop and ask us when we’re out photographing wildlife. So to help identification here are four of the most likely caterpillars to be seen … Read More

Searching for butterfly caterpillars
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Groping around on hands and knees searching for caterpillars is one of those activities that at the time feels perfectly normal behaviour to those taking part but not necessarily to any other member of the public out for a quite … Read More

What’s that web in the hedgerow?
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At this time of year silken webs containing sometimes hundreds of The Lackey moth caterpillars can be seen in the hedgerows. Here in Cornwall The Lackey moth seem to favour Blackthorn hedges in which to lay eggs but the webs … Read More

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