Identification of the male and female Dark Green Fritillary Butterfly
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These photographs of well marked male and female Dark Green Fritillary butterflies help show the differences between the sexes The images were taken at the weekend at Porth Joke on the north coast of Cornwall near Newquay. Several of these … Read More

Orange-tip butterfly chrysalis
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The Orange-tip butterfly, Anthocharis cardamines, caterpillars reared from collected eggs are beginning to pupate. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I see any caterpillar undergo this extraordinary change it never ceases to amaze me. Having selected a suitable … Read More

Migrant butterflies on the Lizard, Cornwall
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The largest number of Painted Lady butterflies possibly recorded in the British Isles this year was our reward for a trip to Poldhu Cove on the Lizard at the weekend. Of the total of 13 seen during the day 8 … Read More

Buttermilk and Rosewall Hills butterflies
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The rocky summits of Buttermilk and Rosewall Hills near St Ives, Cornwall are not the type of places you’d normally expect to find migrant butterflies! So the two Painted Lady and two Red Admirals seen basking on the huge granite … Read More

First migrant butterfly of the year
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This Painted Lady butterfly, Vanessa cardui, is our first migrant butterfly of the year and was seen warming itself up on a sheltered patch of dried grass at Rosemullion Head, near Falmouth. Butterflies have been very scarce so far this … Read More

Cornwall Lepidoptera Breeding Group
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An exciting new Cornwall butterfly and moth breeding group has been set up. The main aims of the group are to establish a centre where the methods of breeding native Cornish species of lepidoptera can be learnt and then passed … Read More

First butterflies of 2013
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First butterfly of the year! – 4 Small Tortoiseshell, Aglais urticae, have been seen in and around our Falmouth garden over the last couple of days (8/9 March). Worringly these are our first butterflies of the year! Normally by now … Read More

Small Skipper British butterflies
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This male and female Small Skipper butterfly were seen copulating on Bramble at Windmill Farm Nature Reserve, on the Lizard in Cornwall during the BioBlitz at the end of July. From the underside both sexes look very similar but when … Read More

Big Butterfly Count
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Butterfly Conservations ‘Big Butterfly Count’ national survey involves spending fifteen minutes between 14 July and 5 August counting butterflies. The counts can take place anywhere in the country and in any habitat; gardens, towns, schools, in the countryside, any records … Read More

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly numbers
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Small Tortoiseshell butterfly numbers are still on the decline. I always look forward to receiving “Butterfly“, the magazine of Butterfly Conservation, but I have to admit that I often finish the read feeling a little bit depressed. Despite all the … Read More

Painted Lady butterfly migration to the British Isles
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The first small wave of Painted Lady butterflies we have seen this year arriving in off the sea from the continent greeted us on the cliffs at Poldhu Cove on the Lizard on Bank Holiday Monday. Most were showing wear … Read More

What’s the most common migrant butterfly to arrive in the British Isles?
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Last weeks small influx of Red Admirals into the garden was the first sign of butterfly migration we’ve seen this year in the far south west of Cornwall. This species is the most commonly recorded migrant butterfly visiting these shores … Read More

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