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Micro moths page 1 – Micropterigidae to Yponomeutidae
Micro moths page 2 – Coleophoridae to Cosmopterigidae
Micro moths page 3 – Tortricidae
Micro moths page 4 – Epermeniidae to Pterophoridae

Macro moths page 1 – Hepialidae to Thyatiridae
Macro moths page 2 – Geometridae (part 1)
Macro moths page 3 – Geometridae (part 2)
Macro moths page 4 – Sphingidae (Hawk-moths)
Macro moths page 5 – Notodontidae to Nolidae
Macro moths page 6 – Noctuidae (part 1)
Macro moths page 7 – Noctuidae (part 2)
Macro moths page 8 – Noctuidae (part 3)

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