Hesperiidae >> Hesperiinae

Hesperiidae >> Pyrginae

Pieridae >> Dismorphiinae

The yellow Butterflies – Pieridae >>Coliadinae

These include The Brimstone Butterfly and migrant Clouded Yellow Butterfly

Pieridae >> The White Butterflies – Pierinae

These include The Large White Butterfly,

The Small White Butterfly, The Green-veined White Butterfly and the Orange-tip Butterfly.

Lycaenidae >> Theclinae

Lycaenidae >> Lycaeninae

Lycaenidae >> Polyommatinae

The most frequently seen blue butterflies in gardens and much of the countryside are the Holly Blue Butterfly and Common Blue Butterfly

Lycaenidae >> Riodininae

Nymphalidae >> Nymphalinae

These include some of the most commonly seen butterflies in gardens such as The Peacock Butterfly, Red Admiral Butterfly, The Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly,The comma Butterfly and The Painted Lady Butterfly

Nymphalidae >> Argynninae

Satyridae >> Satyrinae

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