Day 5 of South African wildlife holiday – Cape Point

Having survived the encounter with the Puff Adder on the Cape of Good Hope there was only one place to move on to. At the very tip of the Cape of Good Hope Peninsula is one of South Africa’s top tourist attractions and must see destinations – Cape Point. And it wasn’t difficult to see why. Protruding out into the vast South Atlantic Ocean it has an atmospheric presence that I reluctantly have to admit surpasses even that of Lizard Point and Lands End back home in Cornwall, UK.

Letters on map represent approximate locations of wildlife sites
Holiday Introduction
A – Holiday accommodation
B – Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens
C – Strandfontein
D – Paarl Bird Sanctuary
E – Paarl Mountain Reserve
F – Cape Of Good Hope
G – Cape Point
H – Darling Farmlands
I – Langebaan Lagoon
J – Boulder’s Beach
K – Rooi Els
L – Simon’s Town
More Cape birds
Summary of holiday and travel experiences

Cape Point

On the day of our visit, despite the surrounding ocean being shrouded in mist, it was still obvious why the rocky promontories provide some of the best sea watching in the world. For birders with suspect stomachs this is the place to be – rivalling some of the best pelagics in the world. I understand that in the right conditions Albatrosses and Petrels abound.

Cape Serin and green lizard

Due to the mist we didn’t hang about but still had time to get a feel for Cape Point’s extraordinary setting. And, yes, we did do the touristy ‘I was there bit’ with the sign post. Once done though we were soon on our way to explore places with fewer tourist.

On the way back to the car, alerted by a call overhead, we had a brief glimpse of a pair of fly over Cape Serin – another endemic species we’d hope to see but one that we’d been warned were often difficult to get good views of.

Something that could not have been said of the beautiful green Lizard sunning itself on a rock beside the parked car.

Cape of Good Hope recommendation

Well, it goes without saying that this is an experience that all the family can enjoy and one not to be missed. We didn’t find it exactly dripping with birds but we didn’t spend long. What is without doubt is that in the right weather it must offer some of the best sea watching experience anywhere in the world. The larger animals are also fun to see and then of course there are always the snakes! A must place to visit if within reach.

Day 6, we headed north of Cape Town for some very special birding in the open Darling Farmlands and the world renown wader hot spot of Langebaan Lagoon in the West Coast National Park.