May 112015

Clouded Yellows and a Stick Insect! The Helford Estuary has again come up with some interesting sightings.

Last year we recorded over 200 Clouded Yellow butterflies in one field in October and the same location had four over the weekend, our first ones of the year.

This is also the same field we had the migrant Crimson Speckled moth last November.

It perhaps isn’t surprising given its sheltered location and mild climate that the Helford Estuary throws up so many surprises.

Many sub tropical species of plants flourish in the world famous gardens located on its south facing shores

And it is thought that it was in some of the imported southern hemisphere ferns that the eggs of the Unarmed Stick insect first arrived.

These stick insects are now well established in parts of Cornwall including in our own more modest garden in nearby Falmouth.

The one shown was seen at the weekend on holly close to the estuary whilst searching for Holly Blue butterfly eggs.

Latest caterpillars

Amongst recent caterpillar sightings received have been some interesting American ones including Eastern Tent moth and White Marked Tussock moth. These will be featured soon.

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May 012015
Yellow daytime flying moth

Several brightly coloured day flying moths have been sighted in recent days. Two Speckled Yellow moths, Pseudopanthera macularia were seen […]

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Apr 292015
French caterpillar pest

Amongst several recent records of Brown-tail caterpillars was an enquiry about another ‘problem’ caterpillar. Although, this time, one notorious for […]

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Apr 032015
Scottish Drinker caterpillar

When photos of caterpillars start arriving from some of the most remote places in the British Isles then Spring must […]

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Mar 292015
School wildlife project

Good news stories are always welcome, particularly when they combine children and wildlife. This one was received as background information […]

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Mar 192015
Signs of Spring in Cornwall

Flowering Blackthorn, active overwintered butterflies and migrant birds such as House Martins and Wheatear have all been recorded in the […]

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Feb 272015
Tachystola acroxantha

One moth I hadn’t anticipated recording during the winter was the micro Tachystola acroxantha. This adventive species is thought to […]

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Feb 182015
Rock Pipit on Pendower Beach

An eventful 2014 drew to an end with a walk in bright sunshine on Pendower Beach,near Portscatho, Cornwall Out of […]

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Nov 252014
Colourful migrant moth

At the weekend during a search for the caterpillars of migrant Clouded Yellow Butterflies in fields beside the Helford Estuary […]

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Sep 222014
Largest North American caterpillar

Photos of this extraordinary Regal Moth caterpillar, Citheronia regalis, were sent in by Jonathan Pace. He recorded the caterpillar also […]

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