Migrant butterflies on the Lizard, Cornwall

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The largest number of Painted Lady butterflies possibly recorded in the British Isles this year was our reward for a trip to Poldhu Cove on the Lizard at the weekend.

Of the total of 13 seen during the day 8 were nectaring along one bank of Thrift.

Winds hadn’t seemed particulary favourable for migration although the northerlies had at last eased and swung briefly in a more southerly direction.

Maybe, in the more settled weather a few Painted Lady had taken advantage of a brief window of opportunity to cross the channel.

Interestingly, this date coincided almost to the day of seeing them here last year – see Poldhu butterfly migrant report

This part of the Lizard often does receive good numbers of arriving butterflies and the early flowering Thrift and Red Valerian can hold them for sometime along the coastal strip.

Also feasting on these plants were 3 migrant Red Admirals and a few resident Small-pearl Bordered Fritillary and Wall Brown

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