Unexpected wildlife sighting at Trevose Head, Cornwall

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Bright sunshine and strong north westerlies provided great sea watching conditions at Trevose head last week.

Manx Shearwaters and Auks were plentiful while on land there were migrant Wheatears.

And so what was our most noteworthy sighting ?

A Common Toad, of course!

It seemed most out of place sitting on top of an exposed sea cliff overlooking the wild storm tossed Atlantic Ocean.

At this time of year Common Toads, Bufo bufo, are often found either in or close to their breeding pools but this headland doesn’t appear to have any suitable standing fresh water.

Perhaps it may have been picked up by a gull and dropped.

Anway, it’s always the unexpected that makes wildlife photography so rewarding.

And besides it was an exceptionally good looking toad!