Dolphins in St Ives

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Cornish dolphins and seabirds. Well, what a cracking start to the new year. Dolphins and thousands of sea birds feeding close in to the cliffs of St Ives Island.

For once the winds were spot on. Strong north westerlies pounded in from the Atlantic.

An almost constant stream of Razorbills and Kittiwakes passed by the Island.

A few Guillemots and Gannets joined in the plundering of the fish shoals.

Even a couple of Balearic Shearwaters flew effortlessly by in the troughs between the waves.

And then, to round it off, half a dozen Bottle-nose Dolphin turned up. It was cold but worth it!

It’s a shame more people visiting this tourist hot spot don’t appreciate what else this fishing port has to offer.

The nearest many come to experiencing wildlife is having their pasty snatched out of their hands by a Gull. Having said that, such a spectacle can be quite entertaining and offer the opportunity to grab some memorable shots.

One day I’ll have the neck to publish some!