Collins Bird Guide best buy

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Birdwatchers amongst you may be interested to know that last week I took advantage of an exceptional cut price offer on a new 2nd edition large format Collins Bird Guide from Amazon.

The price was £15 against a RRP of £50.

Having used the smaller field guide version for many years I felt that at this cut price it was too good an opportunity to miss. In fact, I did wonder if there had been a mistake and that I would receive another copy of the field guide. It’s just gone up to £30 so perhaps it was a mistake though still a bargain.

Anyway, it arrived earlier in the week and it actually is what it states it is – the large format 2nd edition guide. The Collins Bird Guide claims to be “the most complete guide to the birds of Britain and Europe”. It’s not often you can agree with some pumped up sales talk but in this case it really does seem justified.

The annotated colour pictures pointing out the diagnostic features are even clearer and more impressive in the large format – perhaps, that says something about my ageing eyes! Anyway, it’s such a good bird guide and at such a cracking price that I’ve had no hesitation in suggesting to both Cornwall Bird Watching and Preservation Society and Cornwall Birding that they may like to make other birders aware of the offer on their web sites.

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