Common British migrant moths in Cornwall: Diamond-back Moth

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Two Diamond-back Moths, one of the most common migrant moths to visit the UK, were disturbed while weeding the garden yesterday. The zig-zag dark pattern on their backs, after which they derive their English name, were fairly well defined although they appeared very pale in flight.

These tiny moths can be so subtly marked that it is very difficult to see the black outlined diamond shapes on their backs and it is suggested that their colour may be indicative of their country of origin with the paler individuals developing in much warmer climates.

These moths are poor fliers and are consequently dependant on winds blowing from the continent to carry them across the English Channnel. In favourable weather systems hundreds may appear in moth traps overnight.
See here for detailed close up images, identification, caterpillar, distribution and pest status of Diamond-back moth

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