Spring Sandwort at Kynance Cove on the Lizard peninsula

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You just know when you visit the Lizard peninsula that you will find a wild flower that is beautiful or special and often both.

This cushion of Spring Sandwort is undeniably beautiful with its flowers of 5 white petals on short stalks with pretty pink stamens. The flowers aren’t large but they stand out on the rocky outcrops. It looks such a tough environment for something so delicate.

Insight into Spring Sandwort (latin name Minuartia verna): a native wild flower found on carboniferous limestone in the north of England and in other scattered locations. Like many other plants it is found on the Lizard because of the serpentine rock in this area.

It likes open rocky habitats and is found on scree as well as spoil heaps of leadworks giving rise to its other name of Leadwort.

It flowers from May to September.

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