Common Starfish on the shore of the Helford River

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This bright orange starfish was on the muddy shore of the Helford River at low water last week.

Insight into Common Starfish (Asterias rubens): the most common starfish found all around the coast in Britain, it is usually between 12 to 30cm across but can grow to nearer 50cm across.

The Common Starfish has 5 arms but if it loses one it can grow back. More amazingly, if the lost arm has part of the central disc it can become a complete individual. Fishermen who used to cut starfish in two to try and reduce their numbers may have been doubling them!

They may look sweet but they’re fierce predators and will eat mussels, crustaceans, worms and starfish.

Unusually for a starfish it can tolerate estuarine habitats but then what’s not to like about the Helford River!

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