British birds: photographing migrant Yellow-browed Warblers in Cornwall

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Only to birders would a sewage works hold any great appeal. Yesterday, while the rest of the country endured freezing rain, we spent a truly memorable time bathing in the sun at Carnon Downs sewage works watching an amazing display of Yellow-browed Warblers and Firecrests.
The hedge was dripping with birds. There were at least 4 Yellow-browed and as many Firecrests – we suspect many more. Include the Goldcrests and Chiffchaffs and it was spectacular.

Nevertheless, despite the numerous photo opportunities these tiny, ever-moving birds were still difficult to focus on amongst the trees and hedges. Resorting to manual focusing to avoid twig distractions it was still hit and miss and I failed to capture any shots that the occassion merited. Fortunately. the presence of Mark a ringer for the BTO provided the opportunity to capture some of these great little birds in the hand.

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