Photographing British birds: Little Grebe

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Little Grebes must be one of the most frustrating grebes to photograph unless you have a 500mm plus telephoto lens. They have an annoying habit of popping up well within range of a hand held 400mm lens only to dive instantly the camera is raised, before reappearing a few seconds later, too far away for anything but heavily cropped images. Patience, speed of focus and a bit of stealth are required waiting for one to come within range again.

Yesterday, in the cold weather, I wasn’t into hanging about but managed to snatch a few shots of the Little Grebes on Swanpool lake.

Insight into Little Grebe (Tachybaptus ruficollis): also known as the dabchick it is the commonest grebe on Swanpool lake, Falmouth. For more information see Birds of Swanpool Local Nature Reserve: Great Crested Grebe.

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