Cornwall garden moths: Black-banded

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In most other parts of the country attracting a Black-banded, above left, to a garden light would be a big surprise but here in the extreme South West and close to sea cliffs it is a species to be expected at this time of year. Nevertheless, it is a welcome addition to the garden moth list.

A similar species on the wing at the moment but lacking the black band is the Large Ranunculus (Polymixis flavicincta) pictured above right for comparison.

Insight into Black-banded (Polymixis xanthomista): an extremely localised distribution in the UK, it is restricted to the rocky coastline of Devon, Cornwall and Pembrokeshire where the larvae feed on plants capable of growing in the tidal splash zone such as Thrift or Sea Pink (Armeria maritima subsp. maritima).

Reference: UK Moths and Field Guide to the Moths of Great Britain and Ireland.

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