British moths: Marbled Green

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While nothing very exciting has turned up in the moth traps in recent days there always seems something to be admired such as this Marbled Green. With such a diversity of intricate patterns and subtle colour shades moths never cease to amaze.

Insight into Marbled Green (Cryphia muralis): locally distributed throughout most of southern UK, particularly along the coast.

The larvae of the moths feed on lichens and the adult colouration can be extremely variable ranging from light shades of green to a sandy yellow colour.

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  1. Steve Ogden

    Hi Angie, The flight time is right and Marbled Green are fairly common in South Wales, particularly near the coast. It may have become trapped inside and become dehydrated by the sun coming through the glass. Dehydration might also explain it appearing grey and, if so, I’m afraid its days are numbered. Although there is a Marbled Beauty that is grey and can be mistaken for this species. I’d try putting it outside in the evening. If it’s still there in the morning then it’s unlikely to recover. Steve.

  2. Angie Davies

    I suppose I should say that according to your pic, it is a Marbled Green, but it looks more like grey to me.
    04 08 2012 (Llandeilo, sw Wales)

  3. Angie Davies

    I think I have one of the above in my kitchen at the moment. It has been with me for a few days and is not moving far. Just near to the window and the window sill and on the worktop.Not just at night, either. Is is unusual? Please advise.
    Dated: 04 08 2012.

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