British caterpillars in Cornwall: The Mullein

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These very distinctive yellow, black and white The Mullein moth caterpillars are now almost fully grown and easily spotted on their foodplants such as Great Mullein. This one was found in the Penhale sand dunes on the north Cornish coast and, despite being well distributed throughout much of southern and central England, here, in Cornwall, they seem to be mainly recorded along the coastline.

Insight into The Mullein (Shargacucullia verbasci) larva: easily found by searching their foodplant Great Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) and other mulleins, they will often strip the plant completely of leaves. When fully grown, normally by the end of July, they will pupate inside a tough coccoon in the ground and can overwinter for up to four years.

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    i found one of these in my garden i was looking all over the internet for one of these and it didn’t say if it is posinos or not

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