Very rare plant Fringed Rupturewort on The Lizard

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Fringed Rupturewort is one of a number of rare plants to be found on The Lizard in Cornwall. So far we’ve recorded it at Lizard Point and Kynance Cove. It’s not a great showy flower so it’s a little underwhelming when you do find it considering its status!

Insight into Fringed Rupturewort (Herniaria ciliolata): The subspecies in the UK is ssp. ciliolata which is only found on The Lizard in Cornwall and in Guernsey and Jersey. It is endemic but categorised as ‘vulnerable’ according to the Red Data Book, along with species like Coral-necklace (Illecebrum verticillatum) another member of the Caryophyllaceae family (chickweeds, pinks and campions).

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