Herring Gull at Tate St Ives

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I guess holidaymakers visiting this world famous art gallery may be forgiven for not noticing a Herring Gull with a blue leg standing on a lampost outside. It’s one of those photos that you take for no good reason other than the light is special. Everyone says that about St Ives!

Insight into Herring Gull (Larus argentatus): In fishing villages all around the UK Herrring Gulls have been earning themeslves a poor reputation because of the mess they make and their liking for holidaymakers lunches.

Being as common inland, scavenging rubbish tips and breeding on top of high buildings, as they are at sea and on cliffs, Herring Gulls are now rarely referred to as ‘seagulls’ but instead just plain ‘gulls’.

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