The joys of macro photography!

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This image of the tiny moth Incurvaria masculella says it all. The trouble you take to first find your tiny creature, then get it to behave and finally get the camera to perform, only to find once the images are on screen that the subject is a poor specimen, in this case a broken antenna. This moth is little more than 5mm in length and the males are unusual for such a tiny moth in having comb-like antennae. They are even more unusual when they only have half of one!

Insight into Incurvaria musculella: a reasonably common moth in the UK but like so many tiny species is probably under-recorded. It may often be seen during the day sitting on the top of leaves such as Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna).

Male moths with pectinate antennae use them to locate unmated females by detecting the pheromones she gives off.

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