Cowslips: you really can’t have too many

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There were so many Cowslip in some areas of Glanville’s (Pennans) Field, Penhale near Perranporth you couldn’t help but step on them!

Insight into Cowslip (Primula veris): Native and found throughout the British Isles, though very rare in northern Scotland and Northern Ireland, these lovely yellow flowers prefer calcareous soils.

According to Culpeper’s Complete Herbal an ointment made from the flowers “takes away spots and wrinkles of the skin, sun-burning, and freckles and adds beauty exceedingly” and it goes on to say Cowslip can be used to remedy “vertigo, ephialtes, false apparitions, phrenzies, falling sickness, palsies, convulsions, cramps and pains in the nerves“. Wow!

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