Too bad if you don’t like garlic!

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There are three types of garlic wild flowers in profusion in Cornwall at the moment. Ramsons or Wild Garlic (Allium ursinum) shown above are flowering in the woods and you certainly know when you stumble upon them as a garlicy scent fills the air. Equally pungent Three-cornered Garlic (Allium triquetrum) (below left) has been in the hedgerows for a little while now whilst Garlic Mustard or Jack-by-the-hedge (Alliaria petiolata) (below right) has just joined in.

Insight: The first two are onions, members of the lily family (Liliaceae), whilst Garlic Mustard is a crucifer (Brassicaceae) although its roots and leaves smell of garlic when crushed.

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  1. Steve Ogden

    Hi Steve, thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it when someone takes the trouble to provide information on any plants and animals. We’ll soon be doing a post on Rosy Garlic! Pleased you like the site and look forward to meeting up again with you on the Lizard.

  2. Steve Pilbeam

    Rosy Garlic grows on the side of the road on the Kynance Road …perhaps this isn’t in your group. Just thought I’d mention it . I like your site. It was good to meet you for the second time this year. Steve P (the buggy rider)

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