Purple Hairstreak butterfly egg

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During last summer several Purple Hairstreak butterflies were seen from the top of a viewing platform erected as part of a moth study beside an oak tree at Trelusback Farm in Cornwall.

Although the Purple Hairstreak butterflies frustratingly spend most of their time flying around the canopies of oak trees the females will descend to lay eggs on lower branches.

The best time to spot the eggs is when the leaves have fallen and new growth has yet to burst.

Where populations are high the single eggs aren’t usually difficult to find and are frequently laid at the base of a fork between two buds.

The egg featured was found during a recent search.

Trelusback Farm is managed for wildlife and was featured in the summer for its success in establishing a thriving Marsh Fritillary colony containing at least 50 larval webs.

Please note this is a private site and access is only permitted with the permission of the owner.

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