Windmill Farm Nature Reserve on The Lizard, Cornwall

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Our first visit on 30 January turned out to be quite a memorable one. Within seconds of sitting down in the Ruan Pool hide, 7 Bewick’s Swan appeared over the trees to the North East and landed on the ice in front of us. We had no idea at the time that they were new birds for the Reserve! Later, in the car park, when asked by 2 birders if anything was about we nonchalently replied ‘nothing much’. We were a bit surprised by the excitment and phone calls generated when we went on to casually mention the Bewick’s!

We presume these Bewick’s Swan were the same birds we’d seen ten days earlier on Stithians Reservoir.

We hope this will be the first of many visits to this special reserve. Thanks go to Andy Pay the warden for providing us with species lists. See Andy’s blog.

Insight: Windmill Farm was acquired by Cornwall Bird Watching and Preservation Society and Cornwall Wildlife Trust in 2001 thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund and membership donations.

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