Green caterpillar on broccoli from Spain

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Caterpillar on broccoli from Spain -  Small White Butterfly caterpillar recorder Kate Stainwright

Spanish caterpillar on broccoli

This green caterpillar of the Small White Butterfly, Artopeia rapae, was found by Katie Stainwright on broccoli imported into the UK from Spain .

The butterfly also occurs in the UK and can be a pest of vegetables.

The caterpillar is very similar to that of The Green-veined White Butterfly, Artopeia napi, but the feint, yellow dorsal line helps identify it.

In the warmer, southern parts of Spain the first broods are much earlier than those of the Small White Butterfly in the Uk.

Update – in order to confirm identification Katie successfully reared through with the butterfly emerging on the 3rd of May.

Southern Small White Butterfly

The Southern Small White, Artopeia mannii, also occurs in parts of Southern Europe but the caterpillar has more distinctive, yellow markings.

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