Silver-studded Blue butterfly caterpillars

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Silver-studded Blue caterpillar green form (Plebejus argus)  © 2016 Steve OgdenSilver-studded Blue caterpillar brown form (Plebejus argus) with ant © Steve Ogden

Several Silver-studded Blue butterfly caterpillars (Plebejus argus) were found on Bird’s-foot Trefoil at the weekend in the sand dunes of Penhale in Cornwall.

All were of the green form whereas in past years an almost equal number of the brown form (shown above right) have been recorded.

The caterpillars were feeding and accompanied by ants.

A rather odd finding was a Meadow Brown caterpillar amongst the Bird’s-foot with no obvious grasses nearby.

Butterfly sightings included Grizzled Skippers, including the whiter taras form and Dingy Skippers. Good news of Glow-worm sightings to follow.

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