Great news and wildlife sightings from Cornwall and around the world

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Puss Moth caterpillar (Cerura vinula) © Steve OgdenWelcome to the new look website! The posting of recent sightings may have been lacking recently but behind the scenes things couldn’t have been busier.

While constructing the new look site capable of handling larger galleries, more of your sightings, wildlife travel reports and butterfly, moth and caterpillar species life-cycle pages your enquiries have continued to arrive.

Thank you all – we do appreciate them.

Caterpillar pictures and sightings from the British Isles and around the world

Some of the most interesting sightings received will be updated shortly and they do contain some extraordinary ones, including:–

  • An exotic tropical Indian Ocean island where an unknown species of caterpillar has been causing health issues!
  • One of the most outrageously hairy caterpillars in the world – looks more like a ginger mop!
  • Three reports of foreign caterpillars imported into the British Isles on cut flowers.
  • A Red data book moth caterpillar found on a tent in the New Forest!
  • And so many more.

Wildlife sightings in Cornwall

Painted Lady butterfly egg (Vanessa cardui)  © Steve OgdenWhen we’ve managed to get away from the computer we too have managed to record some interesting sightings including:

  • some of the most extraordinary looking caterpillars found in the British Isles
  • an unusual influx of foreign moths
  • a Painted Lady butterfly laying eggs in an unexpected place
  • our first Prickly Stick-insect found on a new site on the Lizard
  • a colony of Dotted Bee-flies at a picturesque Cornish site.

There is so much more to feature just to get up to date.

To make sure you don’t miss out please bookmark the site and forward links to the latest sightings page to friends – your support and sightings from around the world are greatly appreciated.