Hairy caterpillar health warning

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It’s that time of year again when the notorious caterpillars of the Brown-tail moth are becoming active again after their winter diapause.

Vikki found some in her garden in Jaywick, Clacton on Sea and wrote ‘They formed a cocoon of silk on the end of a cluster of rose buds, since emerging are quite happily chomping through my Roses !’

Thanks, Vikki, for the images shown and sorry about your roses!

More information can be found on the link above.

More hairy caterpillars can be seen in hairy caterpillars and the British caterpillar gallery

As in past years responding to these enquiries is prioritised due to the potential health threat of the hairs of these caterpillars.

So this is another reminder to take care if you have these in your garden and if concerned seek professional advise.

It should, however, be remembered that there are very few caterpillars in the British Isles that may be considered a health hazard.

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