Scarlet Tiger caterpillar (callimorpha dominula)

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Things are definitely on the up. This 25mm long Scarlet Tiger caterpillar photographed by Joe in Oxford was the pick of recent caterpillar sightings.

Found on a watering can pressed against a wall it was probably warming up after a few months of sluggish activity. If the weather continues to improve it will resume feeding and growing before pupating in a cocoon spun on a plant or in leaf litter.

More information on the eye catching Scarlet Tiger moths that will emerge in June/July can be seen on the link.

Many thanks to Joe for sending in the image shown right.

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Other caterpillars sighted recently include those of Fox Moth, Drinker, Oak Eggar, Ruby Tiger, Square-spot rustic, Lesser Yellow Underwing, Angle Shades, Light Brown Apple moth and two nettle wrapped micro moth caterpillars which will have to be reared through to be certain of identity.