Colourful migrant moth

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At the weekend during a search for the caterpillars of migrant Clouded Yellow Butterflies in fields beside the Helford Estuary we had a most unexpected surprise!

My wife disturbed and identified one of the most colourful and rarest migrants moths to be seen in the British Isles, a Crimson Speckled Moth, Utetheisa pulchella.

This one was a large specimen which in flight could have been confused with a Small White Butterfly .

Fortunately the flight pattern suggested something else and having caught up with it and seeing it settled there was no confusing it.

Normally seeing 6 Clouded Yellow Butterflies and a Red Admiral Butterfly on such a late date would have been the highlight – but not on this occasion!

More information and photos can be seen on Crimson Speckled

Other migrant moths to the UK include the magnificent Death’s Head Hawkmoth, Striped Hawkmoth, Oleander Hawkmoth, The Gem, Bordered Straw and Scarce-bordered Straw

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