Large Jellyfish sightings

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During a stroll around Falmouth harbour at the weekend this Barrel Jellyfish was seen feeding around the sea walls of Events Quay.

There appears to have been an influx of these large Jellyfish in recent weeks around the Cornish Coast.

This one was possible 2-3 feet long including the tentacles but some much larger have been sighted.

Hopefully this is a sign that settled weather is on the way and that the waters are warming.

In past years Oceanic Sunfish have been attracted in shore by an increase in jellyfish numbers and been regularly sighted from both boats and the best on land seawatching places

During our walk along the quays several Thick Lipped Grey Mullet were also seen beneath the pontoons and moored boats.

Falmouth really is a great place to visit or live to see a wide variety of wildlife.